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ladies of lost: juliet burke

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Favorite Tweets by Stephen Amell


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Girls don’t like boys, girls like fanfiction, food and middle aged celebrities.


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According to the SCPD, the guy that gave Helena a ride into town is a 22-year-old Poly Sci major at SCU, and a member of Gamma Tau, which totally explains the whole “I didn’t know I was aiding and abetting a known felon” thing.

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“I’m not trying to fix you; I don’t think you need to be fixed. I’m not trying to turn you into someone else. I only want you to be who you already are. Because I think I know the real you. I think I’ve seen him.” -ignite me.

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because you’re irreplaceable, felicity.

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but what if everytime someone on the internet asked you for a nude pic you immediately sent back a photo of the decomposing carcass of a cow

Blaming himself is one of Oliver’s superpowers

Felicity Smoak in Arrow 2.5 comics, issue #2


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Emily Bett Rickards on Olicity (x)