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He looks around the room
Innocently overlooks the truth
Shouldn't a light go on?
Doesn't he know I've had him m e m o r i z e d for so long?

He sees everything black and white
Never let nobody see him cry
I don't let nobody see me wishing he was m i n e

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The ‘Arrow’ Cast at EW Hideout Comic-Con 2014 (x)

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felicity smoak + first meetings

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It’s a big step for both of these characters [Oliver and Felicity] because they’ve been dancing around each other since episode three. So basically for 43 episodes, they have had this connection, and we’re finally going to explore it. And what’s most important is that they’re finally acknowledging it. They’ve never really acknowledged it to each other. They’ve always talked around it. And they came really close in 2.06. Oliver came really, really close, but he was always speaking obtuse, and then at the end of season 2, he was ehhh…. “We both sold it.” Again, very obtuse. Now we’re finally getting to it. And that’s a lot of fun for us.

— Marc Guggenheim, talking about Oliver and Felicity at SDCC 2014. (via puzzledhats)

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EW Interview: Emily Bett Rickards &+ being the biggest cutie pie 

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EW interview: Stephen & Emily being adorable dorks (x)

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